Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marilyn Monroe -Chronology (9)

Februari: Moves back to Los Angeles, in Brentwood.
March, 5: She get's a Gold Globe Award for 'World Film Favorite'.
April, 23: Shooting begins for 'Something's Got To Give'.
May, 19: Sings 'Happy Birthday' to JFK in 'Madison Square Garden'.
June, 1: Last workday at Fox.
June, 7: fired by Fox.
June, 23: Rehired by Fox.
Juli, 20: Admitted to the 'Cedars of Lebanon Hospital'.
August, 3: She appears on the cover of 'Life'.
August, 4: The last day Marilyn Monroe was alive.
August, 5: Marilyn Monroe is found dead in bed, autopsie reveals suicide.
August, 8: Funeral in 'Westwood Memorial Park Cemetry'.

Marilyn Monroe -Chronology (8)

Januari, 20: Divorce of Arthur Miller.
Januari, 31: Premier 'The Misfits'.
Februari, 7: She is admitted to the 'Payne Whitney Clinic' in New York.
Februari, 11: She is admitted to 'Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center'.
October: Meets Robert Kennedy.
November: Meets John. F. Kennedy.